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Cosmic City Set

July 2008 – Water of Life Community Church: Cosmic City VBS

During my first Vacation Bible School at church the theme was Cosmic City. I offered my crafting services to the Children’s Ministry director and began work on the main space station set. We ordered a dozen 4′ x 8′ sheets of single corrugated cardboard to form an accordion wall. After creating a scale model to work out the dimensions I began work on a tabbed system to fit the sheets together.

In the past, joining two pieces of cardboard would require several rolls of tape and be very unstable. I developed a tabbed system that was replicated on each piece of cardboard. These pieces fit together stacked two high, this combined with the natural strength of the accordion folds produced a very stable backdrop for the set.

All of the pieces were covered with gray paper bonded with adhesive spray glue. This outer layer was later detailed with a sharpie to create panel shaped designs with riveted corners. Around the center corner of the set a short wall was formed to create a backdrop for the puppet area. The entire set had to be fabricated just before VBS, as it would not fit assembled in any other room beside the worship center. This would become the first of many forays into VBS set construction.