Current Project: Electra-10 Airplane

 I will be compiling all of my pictures (over 500) into a narrated video where I go step by step on this entire process. This will be the header for a “Super Post” combining my part-1 and part-2 posts into one. (With the never posted part-3,4,5,6…)

The Electra-10 was used by Amelia Earhart for her flight around the world. This year’s VBS theme is “Amazing Wonders Aviation” so we decided to create a 1/3 scale model this famous airplane from 1937. The Electra-10 comes from the classic days of aviation and fits our needs perfectly. It instantly conveys that 30′s-40′s nostalgia for prop planes and simple times. This project is both the largest I have ever attempted and also the longest build. For the first time I am posting updates as construction is ongoing instead of a single post at the end of the project. Like all of my other projects I have never built this before and each step holds its own challenge. I hope you enjoy this cardboard journey as much as I am.

I am also working on about a dozen posts in my backlog. So check back for more amazing cardboard creations.
– The Cardboard Wizard


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