Welcome to the journal of the Cardboard Workshop. All of these fantastic creations are mine, feel free to pin them, link them, or share this place with your friends. Since I can remember I have always enjoyed turning things inside out and upside-down in my mind. This dose of spacial reasoning has allowed me to sculpt and craft cardboard into almost anything I choose. Why cardboard you ask? It’s a cheap medium, it has it’s own strength and rigidity built into it, it cuts easily and it lasts as long as I usually need. (up to 7 days).

One of  my favorite books is “The Way Things Work” by David Maculay.This is a great resource if you want to see how things are put together on the inside. I am always fascinated by internal structures, bridges, computers, clocks and boxes. If any part of this journal piques your interest I recommend checking this book out from your local library or purchasing it online.



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