DeLorean Van

October 2008 – Halloween

This would be the second time I turned a van into a Back to the Future time machine DeLorean. But by now if you have been following The Cardboard Workshop, this fact should not surprise you.

My custom Mr. Fusion was from my first BTTF van in the summer of 2003. I was the “Food Dude” at a christian summer camp, my role was to deliver food from the kitchen to the outlying camps. I was “Dare-Lorean” and transformed a 10 passenger food van into a giant time machine.

This was one of the best jobs I ever had, the camp kids instantly knew who I was and were excited to see me pull up, Back to the Future blaring out of my speakers. I have since honed my driving skill with 10 passenger vehicles, especially backing up.

While the fundamental shape of a DeLorean is very different than a Ford Windstar, it just takes a few elements from the time machine to let your imagination fill in the spaces.  Two large boxes spray painted black and fitted with vent flaps became the cooling vents on the back of the van. I kept a long flap of cardboard attached  to the top of the box to slip between the hinge of the door, this kept the vents secure without the use of tape or other bonding methods which could have damaged the window or paint.

I ran white (yellowish with age) rope light around the front bumper and wheels and in the recognizable “S” shape over the back to create more time machine detail. Two loops of red rope light streaking out below the back tires added a mock flame trick to the setup. All of the power was supplied by a power inverter I own, plugged into the lighter it gives me two standard house sockets to charge small electronics and lights. This also powered a small speaker system for BTTF tunes!

I enjoyed revisiting this concept, as I rarely make the same thing twice and my creations usually only have a few day lifespan.


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