Optimus Prime Costume

July 2007 – Transformers Film Midnight Showing

In July 0f 2007 the stars around Cybertron and Earth aligned and Transformers opened on the big screen. Optimus Prime, the leader of the Autobots defends the people of earth from the evil Decepticons.

In the middle of summer camp life is busy, and the only time to get away to the movies is Saturday night or a midnight showing. A band of us piled into my Ford Windstar and traveled the winding roads to the cinema.

I assembled my Optimus Prime costume in four hours one afternoon. A simple trip into town supplied blue and red butcher paper. I used some of my construction concepts from my Robocop Costume to fashion the knee and elbow joints.
My favorite part of the costume was the torso piece. I cut the front down the center and created a natural slot latch allowing the two halves to join together.

The best part of the night was when we joined the line at the theater. The management was so impressed with my costume that they bumped our group up to the front of the line! Another great costume, surrounded by great reactions.


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